What Size Is Abnormal For A Kidney Cyst? Is It Cancer If They Are Ill And Have Fluid In Lungs?


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Size of the kidney cysts is not related with kidney cancer. There are other factors which are responsible for the development of  kidney cysts in to cancer. Here is detail.
There are two types of kidney cysts. More common type of kidney cysts are simple cysts. These are small and thin walled sac filled with fluid. These a cysts are not cancerous. Simple cysts don't harm and need no treatments. But larger size cysts can cause pain on back, belly or sides, fever, blood in urine and increased urination. These can be treated by urologist easily.
Other type of kidney cysts are called complex cysts. These are said complex cyst because of their irregular and complex structures. These can be non cancerous and may develop to cancer. Only those complex cysts which have many thick walls with septations can develop in to cancer.
Sometimes, kidney cysts are inherited and can cause problems like blood in urine, increased urination, pain on back, belly or sides, repeated kidney infections and high blood pressure. Inherited kidney cysts are called polycystic kidney disease. These cysts can cause problems in other parts like brain, liver, intestines, pancreas, ovaries and spleen. It can also affect heart valves which may cause fluid I n lungs.
In my opinion your problem is related with polycystic kidney disease (PKD)
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I had a kidney cyst aspirated it was 7cm and then it came back to a 5cmm and again aspirated with alchol and now it came back to a 3cmm why?

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