Why Do I Have Blurred Vision After Reading For 15 Minutes?


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There could be a number of reasons why you are currently experiencing blurred vision when you have been reading.

A likely cause could be that you may need reading glasses if you cannot focus properly on the writing on the page. If you feel this may be the case, you should book an eye examination with an optician. They will run a full eye test which will determine whether you need glasses, and if this is indeed the cause of your blurred vision. During the eye exam, the optician will also look for any eye infections or diseases that could explain why you are struggling with your vision.

Having blurred vision can also be a symptom of other illnesses that do not relate to the eye alone. The onset of brain tumours, strokes or multiple sclerosis can all affect vision first. Therefore, to rule out these conditions, it would be pertinent to book an appointment with your doctor. They will investigate why you are suffering these symptoms and will either offer a diagnosis or pass you on to an eye specialist. Either way you will get a much clearer idea why you are experiencing this blurred vision and any potential consequences.
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If you read continuously, then the muscles assisting your eye to short focus will have worked a lot, and the muscles assisting you to see distance will have had a long break. Try looking up from your reading every few minutes and deliberately look at something in the distance. Then you can go back to reading again. This is what I was told to do and it seems to work.
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Blurred vision is caused by strain put on your eyes. Sometimes after watching tv computer or reading for a long time results in blurred vision. maybe your eyesight is weaker than average that is why you get a blurred vision after 15 minutes

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