What Is A Mild Stroke?


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As with a heart attack, a stroke is caused by a blockage, and again it is usually caused by a blood clot. However, the blockage is usually in an artery which carries blood to the brain. With a mild stroke, the blood supply is cut off for a shorter period of time, which can be anything from a few minutes to twenty four hours.

Usually with mild strokes patients make a full recovery, however a mild stroke could be a warning sign of a larger one. Other causes of a stroke include an Aneurysm which is basically a weakened spot on an artery wall which stretches a little like a balloon. The wall sometimes stretches so much that it burst, causing blood to flow into the brain and causing a stroke.

Classic symptoms of a mild stroke include sudden weakness in the arms, legs and face, sudden trouble seeing out of both eyes, and sudden severe headaches with no known cause.
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I am 40 years old weighs 220lb lately I have symptoms like light headed, feeling like anxiety mostly in my head and my body shivers inside. I would like to know if this is a nerve problem because it feels that way.
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A “mini-stroke”, also called a transient ischemic attack or (TIA), happens when, for a short time, less blood than normal gets to the brain. You may have some signs of stroke or you may not notice any signs. A “mini-stroke” lasts from a few minutes up to a day. Many people do not even know they have had a stroke. A “mini-stroke” can be a sign of a full stroke to come.
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Electric shock with explotion behind my eyes and I could see nothing but black background and white like bomb. I always have stinging needle like pain in my eyes with blurring and watering.
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It is incomplete cycle of the blood reaching to the brain.

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