When I Cough It Feel Like My Lungs Are Wet. It Sometimes Strangles Me To Cough. Any One Have Any Ideas As To Why?


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You might have bronchitis or pneumonia.
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I don't have any other symptoms except ocassionally I have a low fever of 99. My feet and legs swell through out the day also. This has been going on for months now. Thanks for your answer!
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If this has been going on for months, it would be best to get a doctor opinion. There could be many things wrong with you. The Best of luck to you.
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Sounds like you need to go to the doctor. There is obviously fluid in your lungs, because there is some kind of infection.
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What about a walk in medical clinic. I go to one when I need to and they charge me $18. You should look into it.
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Healthnat is correct. People are arguing right now about health care, but we already have universal healthcare: If you're sick, go to a clinic or the ER. By law they have to treat you - even if your name isn't Gonzalez.
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A) That was racist. Mexicans in my employ are hard workers, especially the ones that stand outside of the Home Depot looking for work. Hell, I don't even have to pay them!

B) This is exactly why health care costs are so high. People with insurance and those who pay out of pocket, subsidize non payer's medical costs by shelling out for higher premiums and medical costs in general. It is like how stores pass on the monetary losses from theft onto customers with higher prices.
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See a doctor as soon as you can. Keep away from aerosols and tobacco smoke as this aggravates the coughing. If your lungs seem heavy see if someone will do a rapid smacking on your back to help clear the congestion. Good luck!
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Dear Sheila I advise you to go for proper diagnosis you could be having tuberculosis.

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