Why does my mouth taste like bleach when i cough?


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There are several possible explanations for this but the important thing is to see your doctor about it.

He/she will not laugh at you because tasting bleach, or chlorine as other people describe it, is not uncommon.
You need to see a specialist though because some of the possible causes are serious.
The important thing is not get paranoid because of things you read on the Internet, but just look at what it could be and see a health professional.

Some people who have suffered with pneumonia have complained of this bleach taste.
Pneumonia sounds scary but it is perfectly treatable if you catch it early.
It’s an inflammatory condition of the lung which can lead to them filling with fluid and is especially related to inflammation of the alveoli which are microscopic air sacs in the lungs.

There are many causes but infection is the most common. The agents of infection can be bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites.[3]
Typical symptoms include cough, chest pain, fever, and difficulty in breathing so if you have any of these in addition to the taste, head to the doctor immediately.
Diagnostic tools include x-rays and examination of the sputum so it is easy to find and can be treated with antibiotics.

Despite it sounding bad, pneumonia is a common disease that occurs in all age groups.
If you don’t think you are ill enough to have such a dangerous condition, consider that many people are diagnosed with it without realizing they have it.

The bleach taste doesn’t have to mean pneumonia though.
A complicated viral infection or a viral cold can leave you susceptible to a bacterial lower respiratory infection. Bacterial infections, especially anaerobic bacteria, are usually implicated in foul-smelling sputum.

Either way, it’s worth getting checked out.
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John Mickle answered

The bleach taste may not be real, it may be that your cold has upset your senses and your sense of smell likely smells that bleach that you use when cleaning your clothes, or if you use bleach in cleaning your home. I suggest you Home remedies for cough through this you get instant of knowledge about How do you get rid from  cough .
So when you cough you breath in through your mouth and take in the normally tiny amounts of bleach vapors and think that things taste like bleach. I have had this sensation my self though for me I was finally able to determine (process of elimination) that this only happened when I was in bed. My wife uses bleach on all of our bedding. If I get out of bed the taste goes away.

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