How Long Does The Pain Last After Gallbladder Surgery?


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Even if you had laparoscopic surgery you will still experience swelling, bruising and discomfort, so you will need to wait a reasonable time for this pain to stop. What is a reasonable time depends upon what your doctor has told you to expect, and how severe the pain is. If you think your pain is excessive or has gone on for too long, you really should go back to your doctor.

There are some things that you can do in the meantime if your pain is simply post-operative and to be expected. The first thing may be obvious, but don’t forget to take the pain medication that you have been prescribed; it will make a difference.

Your abdominal muscles are going to be sore so make sure that there is somebody around to help you when you need to move, and when you do move, do it slowly.

Make sure that you eat fat-free and low-fat foods until you know how your digestive system is going to manage anything else.

Rather than having large meals, eat small meals regularly. This will have a two-fold effect; it will help to prevent any nausea that you may have because of painkillers you have been prescribed, and it will stop unnecessary pressure on your internal organs that could be painful.

It is likely that some of the pain that you are experiencing is because of the gas that was pumped into you when you had your surgery so that the surgeon could see everything clearly. Drinking hot liquids go some way in alleviating this pain. Short walks around the house are always helpful too; they will improve your circulation, which helps the healing process.

Be careful, initially, about bathing while you still have your stitches because they need time to heal, too. Things will get better with time, so be patient and make sure you attend regular check-ups.
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Had gall bladder surgery 9 weeks ago and I am still experiencing a bruising feeling around my naval wound. Just wondering if this is normal?  When I touch my belly button around the wound area it gives a bruising sensation. The wound itself looks healed.   Just wondering if it is infected or not?  If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it!!!  Still have the bloated feeling also and my stomach feels heavy.
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When I had the laproscopic procedure done, I was back up and working within about 3 weeks. I had intermittent pain for about 6 months, though. No symptoms of any infection, and the doc said all was well. Everybody heals differently, so I would see my surgeon to rule out any problems, then use an ice pack and an over the counter pain-killer. I hope you feel better!
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I had surgery one week ago and it is very painful I'm having trouble walking  I need some to tell me what I can do to relive some of the pain had gastric bypass to
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I would check back with your doctor. I've never heard of recovery time taking that long with laproscopic surgery. When I had my gallbladder removed, my stones were too big [quarter size] to have laproscopic surgery and it still only took me about 2 months to get back to normal. I wouldn't think you should be having pain this long. Good luck!
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I just had gallblader removal surgery and liver cyst biopsy and after one week today I feel pretty good.  I had my surgery on 8/13/2010 and after only a week, I no longer have abdomen discomfort, just a strong pain on my right shoulder blade and right side.....mainly during the morning.  I called the doctors office in regards to this pain and they explained that it was a normal side effect to the gas that is used for laparascopic surgery...I am hoping by Monday I feel lots better, may even consider going back to work.  Good luck to you.  I would definitely follow up with your doctor, does not sound like your recovery is going smoothly.  Do you have any other medical problems?
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I had my gall bladder removed 2 weeks ago and I am fully recovered. I don't understand why people would have pain for 2 months?? Speak to your doctor immediately
If I remember right when I had my gallbladder taken out it took me a around 2 months because they had to go back in the belly button where they did when they did my tubal. Try some motrim. It helped me.
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It depends, try drinking a little bit of a water, and don't sit cramped up w/ your legs curled.  Just take deep breaths, or take a soothing medication. Don't worry, you will be alright  :)

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