Enlarged Right Hilar Lymph Nodes As Well As Subcarinal Pretracheal And Ap Window Lymph Nodes Of Prominence & Malignancy Is This Lung Cancer?


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As it stands, this question is more a list of medical terminology than an actual question but that terminology is pretty heavy. If anybody has any concerns over issues that contain this wording then this really is not an ideal platform to try and address them. In fact, trying to explore these words anywhere on the Internet just brings confusion and, very likely, fears because of the number of times they are associated with the word cancer.

The other difficulty with trying to find the answer to a question like this on the Internet is that any sites that may be able to address it have been written by medical professionals for other medical professionals and so they assume a knowledge that they vast majority of us do not have.

Any other information is sketchy to say the least, and what little there is tends to be anecdotal, which is probably not the answer you are looking for.

If the reason that this question is being asked is because a medical professional has not given sufficient time to answer questions satisfactorily, or because it was a question that was thought of after leaving the clinic, then it needs to put to the doctor again (or for the first time) and again until the answer is understood.

This all sounds vague, but potential serious medical questions should only be answered by those who genuinely know the answers and how they relate to the person who is doing the asking.

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