What Is Enlarged Lymph Nodes?


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Lymph nodes are the areas of the body that are responsible for the collection of the lymph of the body and its redistribution to various areas. Some times by an infection or by cancer the lymph nodes become enlarged and become painful.This case is specially observed in the breast that develops carcinoma.

There is obstruction of the normal pathway of the lymphatic drainage. And some times even infection by foreign agents in the course of the invasion the lymph nodes may become swollen.Mostly the swollen lymph nodes are too painful.

For example the breasts are normally divided into four quadrants.The medial and the lateral ones.Each being supplied by its own group of the lymph nodes. Sometimes the lymph nodes are to be removed surgically for example in radial mastectomy all the breast
Plus the Pactoralis muscles and the lymph nodes are to be removed to prevent cancerous inflammation and to prevent the carcinoma from spreading.

It is generally better to undergo surgery for the inflamed lymph nodes .Because the infection might travel to other pathways with the circulation.

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