Calcified Lymph Node In Left Hilum Indicates What?


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Lymph nodes are an oval shaped organ that is part of the immune system that are distributed throughout the human body that act as filters and traps for foreign particles. A hilum is a reference to a collection of structures in the chest that include lymph nodes. A calcified lymph node in the left hilum indicates a lymph system in that part of the body that is no longer functioning and it can be a symptom of something much more serious. A diagnosis of this will probably need the attention of a specialist, as lymph nodes are necessary for a healthy human body.

Lymph nodes are important in that they have a clinical significance. Lymph nodes can become enlarged or inflamed and this condition can range from the not so serious such as an infection of the throat, to deadly serious life threatening conditions such as cancer. When a lymph node is inflamed, they are diagnosed by a biopsy and doctors are experienced in using these biopsies to determine just what the problem is.

Germs can set up shop and start an infection anywhere on a human body. But a special circumstance happens when a lymphocyte, which is a type of white blood cell, meets the proteins in the lymph nodes and an infection is present, it is possible for the nodes to become swollen and cause a person discomfort.

Since lymph nodes are present in every part of the body, if you feel a part of your body becoming swollen and perhaps painful to the touch, you may very well have a lymph node infection. If this happens to you, call your doctor and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If there are extreme problems, the early it is diagnosed the better a lymph node problem can be treated.

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