Can Drinking Alcohol Excessively Cause The Gall Bladder To Swell?


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Excessive Alcohol use definitely cause some serious health
troubles,  but I am not an Expert, possible suggestion can only be made by
a Qualified Dr.
However, moderate use of alcohol doesn't make harm. Similarly some people have
sluggish lever/gall bladder, the reasons for that are excess toxins of any kind
(alcohol, drugs, and environmental pollutants), general poor nutrition over a
long period, and/or a diet high in refined foods and sugar. For example, eating
a typical fast food meal once a day plus a few cups of coffee and a drink or
two daily will almost surely take its toll on your liver, in time. Health
effects of either short term of alcohol use or long term cannot denied,
specially if are talking about teens who are into much of this.

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