I Have Pseudomonas Infection In My Lungs. How Could I Have Gotten That?


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Having had pseudomonas in 2004/5 which was successfully treated with I/v antibiotics and again now 2009 which is proving to be resistant so far, I can say that the two occurrences have one thing in common - both occurred after a stay in hospital. I do not have cystic fibrosis but am an asthmatic although told it is highly unusual for an asthmatic to acquire it.

Have you had a stay in hospital recently at does seem that this would be the most likely cause?  I had an operation the first time I got it and the second was an in-patient on a cystic fibrosis ward being treated for something else.  How you got it isn't the really important question - how you are going to get rid of it is.
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The pseudomonas are gram negative bacteria. These bacteria are opportunistic and can be acquired from hospitals and community. They attack usually on the individuals with weak immunity. Post probably you acquired this infection from hospital. Because in hospitals, these are present in the environment.

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