How Long Does The Pain Of A Boil Stay For?


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I have had boils previously. It is not a fun thing to have. If you have heard of "Sore as a Boil" they really mean really sore.The worst pain is before they open up. When it opens you will find a bloody drainage and some of the pain relieved and will continue to drain during the haling process. You will also find deep wounds with redness. What ever you do, do not squeeze them whether they are open or closed. Your skin will be damaged and can become infected. I have used Benzocaine 20%( Boil Ease ) for pain relief before they open up and on the reddened intact skin after they do open up. It is a white cream base. I also use - after they have opened up -an over-the -counter medication cream called Ichthammol ( ik - tha-mal ) 20% to be applied to clean skin and on the open areas directly. It is not out on the counter you will have to ask the pharmacist for it. It is a black sticky ointment and is used after each bandage is removed and area is to be cleaned gently with soap and warm water-not hot- and patted dry. This does stain your clothes so be careful as to what you wear if it is in an area where your clothing will touch it. Also make sure that you have a bandage that covers all around the areas and you can use a product called Telfa (non stick dressing) bandage and is the best I have found. Not perfect but the best. It should take between 7-10 days to heal. Stay away from tight clothing and shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth - if this where the boils are located -can be a cause.You want to avoid any rubbing of clothing against the skin.

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