I Don't Have A Rash, So Why Does My Arm Itch SO BAD?


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Just FYI-- my doctor said I have a B12 deficiency. It affects the nerves and causes the stinging/itching sensation. It is not dry skin, there is no rash and no lotion or topical treatment will help. getting a B12 shot and then taking a supplement at about 1000mcg per day should do the trick.
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I my self have the same problem ,the itching is located around the backs of my arms sometimes the sides ,and nothing ever seems to do any good not med creme, cortisone ,and its a maddening stingy itch,but yet no sign of any blemish ,not even a bump,,only one thing tames it and that's extreme ice coldness such as a ice pack.I also noticed it comes and goes ,from month to 6months.all I know is it drives me nuts to the point I want to chop off my arms or peal my skin off,
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I have been suffering the same extreme itch on only my left arm. Ice is the only thing that seems to aleve the pain and itch, but temporarily at best. I am going to try the B12 supplements. Going out right now to get some. If anyone else has anything, please let us know! This is NOT an allergy, dry skin or sun exposure. Something different about this deep, inside the arm itch. My husband sometimes gets it around the back of his neck. Weird!
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Maybe you are nervous about something going on.You should talk to your doctor.Drink cammomile tea too.Prayer works too
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You may have Ezcema or an allergic reaction to something--try hydrocoritisone cream--If you can go to the doctor

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