What Does An Allergic Skin Rash Look Like?


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I am diabetic. I flew to AZ. On March 12.The second day there I broke out in a rash on my left leg. I had varicose veins removed in Jan. On that leg. I used a new body wash. That is the only thing I did different. It won't go away and is very painful.
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An allergic skin rash basically is a change in the skin which influences its surface and appearance. An allergic skin rash basically is bumpy, dry, cracked, blistered and reddish in appearance.

It normally swells up and is quiet painful. Hence the causes and consequently treatments for, rashes differ widely. Analysis conducted on these rashes should keep in mind the appearance of the rash, additional signs, what the patient may gave been exposed to. The existence of a rash may assist the diagnosis of the patient condition. Not only the look and the feel of the rash but also the circulation, for example: like which sections of the body have been affected and from where did it start and extend to. The development of the rash may be significant as particular outline of rashes and their related signs and symptoms are diagnostic of particular disease.

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