Can Thyroid Problem Cause Facial Hair Problem?


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Yes, thyroid problems can cause unwanted facial hair even though it can also result in general hair loss and thinning, this is due to the thyroid's connection with the body's hormones. The good news is that once a thyroid problem has been diagnosed and it is being treated, the problematic facial hair with tend to stop growing. Other symptoms of thyroid problems include:

- Extreme tiredness and exhaustion
- Constipation
- Weight gain
- Loss of appetite
- Muscle/joint pain
- Sore, achy, stiff or swollen neck
- Deeper voice
- Depression or panic attacks

If any of these symptoms are experienced alongside the appearance of facial hair then I would advise going to see your GP (even without other noticeable symptoms, it may be worth having a chat about it). Thyroid problems tend to be easily alleviated with medication; if they are caused by underlying problems then it is important that these too are treated.

Thyroid problems can be caused by a number of factors although often it is a genetic problem which may not have been preventable. Other causes include; underlying health issues such as diabetes, hepatitis or hormonal problems; taking certain medications and lack of the tissue which surrounds the thyroid.

Thyroid problems are very treatable, especially the facial hair problem which was asked in the original question, and so I would highly recommend talking to your GP and maybe even requesting some tests to see what the cause of this facial hair growth could be. Once a diagnosis has been given, treatment can begin and the associated problems will be improved greatly.
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Yes this is problem due to thyroid so you should be properly examined this whether it is same problem of something else. You should consult this problem with some skin specialist.
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I believe that thyroid is one of the conditions that could be responsible for this.  IN ANY EVENT, I WOULD CONSULT MY DR.
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Hi angel,

I had a total thyroidectomy 6 years ago, and the only problem that I've had in that time (and I also had a hysterectomy 8 months after that) is dull hair growing slowly when my thyroid level got too low.

A low thyroid level can cause hair to be dull and grow slowly, cause the long muscles in the body to become sore and you might feel cold. A high thyroid level can cause hair to be shiny and grow quickly and can cause you to feel warm and wound up, but I've never heard of it causing the growth of facial hair.

Check with your endocrinologist and see what he/she thinks.

Best of luck and please give me a shout if you need to chat!

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Usually Thyroid problems cause hair loss. Anyways you should ask your doctor about this serious matters.

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