What Will Happen If Your Diaphragm Stops Working?


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You have not mentioned clearly which diaphragm you are asking about.

There are three types of diaphragm. These are:

  • Thoracic diaphragm
  • Pelvic diaphragm
  • Urogenital diaphragm
Generally, the term "diaphragm" refers to the thoracic diaphragm, which is a vital part of the respiratory system.

What Is The Thoracic Diaphragm, And What Does It Do?
This diaphragm is located at the bottom of the rib-cage and plays a crucial role in respiration. During inhalation and exhalation, it contracts and relaxes respectively, and this is how breathing takes place.

What Happens If The Thoracic Diaphragm Stops Working?
If the diaphragm stops working then respiration and breathing will also be stopped, and the individual will die.

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