What Can Cause Pain In The Area Of The Diaphragm?


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The causes of your pains would be easier to diagnose with information about any other symptoms you may be suffering with. If you have serious concerns about these pains that you have in your diaphragm you should consult the advice of a doctor. He will be able to give you a thorough examination and tell you what might be wrong. Often these pains can be linked to anxiety, so even if the results come to this conclusion at leas having your mind put at ease may help reduce the pain.

There are many reasons that you may be experiencing pain in the diaphragm but the main three causes for severe pain are congenitial diaphragm hernias, traumatic rupture and due to neurological dysfunction. Congenital diaphragm hernias are caused during birth and often lead to respiratory disorders, such as difficulty in breathing. Many individuals can go for years without experiencing and problems with these hernias until the case becomes severe and serious.

If you are also experiencing pain in the abdomen then you could be suffering with a traumatic rupture. This can be due to injuries caused in the thoracic and abdominal cavities because of major accidents or because of any piercing of the muscles with sharp objects. When the lungs are also affected, this can be the cause for diaphragm pain. Some heart failures or diseases may cause pain in the diaphragm along with those in the chest and left shoulder. These ruptures will decrease the sound of the breath and sometimes the sound of the bowels can be heard in the chest. Sever diaphragm pain may also be caused by nerve disorders. When the nerves from the spine are inflamed or injured, this can cause neuron dysfunction and in turn lead to pain in the neck, chest or diaphragm.
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I feel that my clothing ie: Belt or bra is too even when not wearing any the pain is still there also I get a tightness in my throat at the same time. It's wearing me down and also I feel that I have to watch what I wear as I feel restricted all the time.
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Actually having spasms of the diaphragm is very painful in itself. The diaphragm is a half moon shape so you have many other things involved in trying to determine what the pain is coming from without testing.
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My diaphragm hurts as well as the top part of my stomach. I have massaged the area between the lower part where the ribs meet the diaphragm and that helps a bit but the pain does not go away completely. Sometimes the pain reaches and even makes my breasts ache. Physically I am strong and healthy but this pain exhausts me. Any advice?

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I had an operation last june and had a blockage just above the diaphram now everytime I bend the diaphram area contracts inwards and hurts like hell ,but now it is constant pain,I can't even touch the area without wanting to cry please someone help me find out what is causing this or I am going to go crazy!!!!!

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