When I Bend Over The Right Side Of My Diaphragm. Feels Like A Big Ball And I Can't Breathe Well , What Do You Think The Problem Might Be ?, I Have Already Had My Gallbladder Removed,


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Vascular spasm or side stiches   see below.
As with any muscle cramp, the best immediate treatment is to stretch the cramping muscle as much as possible. To stretch the diaphragm, one needs to alter their breathing pattern. This can be accomplished by breathing in as hard and as deep as possible. Suck in as much air as possible, trying to force the diaphragm down. Hold the breath for a couple of seconds and then forcibly exhale through pursed lips to restrict the outward air flow. Work, bending forward if necessary, to get as much air out of the lungs as possible. This will force the diaphragm upward adding to the stretching action. It may take three or four of these "in and outs" to get rid of the cramp. It is possible to do this while running--you may have to slow down, but if in a race you may not want to stop.
Some athletes have had some degree of success by running the fingers into the abdomen and forcing them up under the ribcage and into the cramping muscle thereby stretching it.
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I get the same thing except it is like a charlie horse spasm always a 10 pain.  I have been searching the internet and am getting a lot of symptoms for enlarged liver.  I am going to have this checked.

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