I Have A White Spot On My Eye Lid What Is It?


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It sounds like a sebaceous cyst; when they're on the eyelids/near the eye they are usually called 'styes' (or hordeola (hordeolum, singular) in medical terms, if you're curious).

Essentially, these are the inflammation and blockage of a sebaceous gland (these glands produce the oily sebum the moisturises and helps protect skin and hair), usually by a minor bacterial infection. These often occur on the eyelid close to the eyelashes, since the eyelashes are supplied by their own sebaceous glands; the infection and blockage results in an accumulation of sebum ('pus') inside forming a small hard lump, and if near the surface looking like a whitehead - indeed they are virtually the same thing.

Don't pop it. You just don't want to risk these things near your eyes; infection and all. The best possible advice is to bathe it in warm water to keep it clean, and if you are careful, remove the eyelash which it is linked to carefully with tweezers, which may help reduce the pressure in it. If it where a whitehead anywhere else, it may be alright to lance it with a clean (properly clean - sterilised with an alcohol wipe at least) needle to release the sebum, and wash it regularly to prevent infection in the area, however I can't responsibly recommend that since if you were to have just the smallest accident, you could stick a needle in your eye.

The obstruction of your vision is simply the stye being in front of your eye as it is swollen. If it doesn't resolve itself with or without some of the basic care I suggested in a few days, see your doctor.
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That is your eye and my guess would not be to pop it, you can try putting warm compresses on it and see what happens but if do something to affect your sight I'm not sure that would be pleasant feeling if the compresses don't work see a eye Dr. For relief and a result as to what could have caused it..good luck
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If the white spot is a white lump, it could very well be a stye. If it is under the lid-definitely a stye. If it is on the rim of the lid, could be foreign body stuck in your skin-like from mowing the lawn or cleaning something above your head while looking up. Either way you can try warm compresses (warm wet wash cloth) a few times a day, frequent artificial tears to "rinse out a possible foreign body, if not see an ophthalmologist for a definite diagnosis.
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Is it really big or dose it hurt when you touch it because if it is I wouldn't pop it....but other than that it should be cool to pop
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Most probably you are having a fungus infection on your eyelid. This fungus is usually received from the carpets in the house. But this is not final diagnosis which can be done after physical examination by the dermatologist. If it is fungus then use of oral broad spectrum ant fungus medicines are used. So, visit a dermatologist.

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