On The Corner Of My Eyelid It's Red And Swollen And A Little Itchy And Painful, It's Not Pink Eye Though,my Actual Eye Is Perfectly Fine.I'm Not Sure What It Is, Any Suggestions?


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The same thing is happening to my eye now. I have had this problem for two days. It started in the corner of my upper eye lid and got worse. Everytime I wake up now my whole upper eyelid is swollen. Hot compresses help. My doctor said it wasnt pink eye and my blood is normal. If I find out what it I I will let you know.
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From what I can tell it might be devils eye. My cuzn had that it usually goes away. But you might want a doctor to check it out just in case
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You might have an eye sty.  Sometimes I get them and when I do sometimes I feel like someone puched me in the eye. If you left your eyelid and see under it you might see a white spot. Its nothing to worry about, its is just  bacteria that has gotten infected. They go away on their own in about a few days. If it doesn't go away in a few days I would call your doctor. Good luck.
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Corner is eye is red and swollen, no stye appears in the eye.. Although, I do remember touching my eye... What could it be?

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