I Have Headaches, Cold Chills, Diarrhea, And Throw Up What's Wrong With Me?


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You may just have a bug that's going around don't get to worried drink lots of clear fluids so you don't get hydrated.
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P.s. I have had these symptoms for three months. I had my daughter three months ago and have never felt 100% since!
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Sometimes babies can take alot outof use. You so need to go to your pimary doctor to let him know sometime our bodies as wemen never get where it use to be before a baby. I pray you do tell your doctor because you do needto be heathy for your baby because the baby needs you. I really pray your doctor is concern when you do go back to get a check up. Don't stop going till they find out don't give up let them see your face serveral times this will let them know you need to know whats going on

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