Why Is Jaundice One Of The Main Liver Disease Symptoms?


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There are four basic symptoms that cause the gall bladder and the fundamental symptoms of gall bladder disease and Jaundice is one of them which I explaining hereunder:
Gall Bladder Symptom 1 - Jaundice:

There will be no gain saying in this fact that, in Jaundice, a person's skin is dirty and yellow or orange according to the type of the skin due to an increased level of bile stains in the blood.

It is caused due to liver or gall bladder disease but when skin becomes jaundiced, mostly we found the matter of gall bladder. There will be no doubt in this fact that the gall bladder is a holding vessel for bile fluid from the liver to the bowels. The symptoms of disease may differ in nature, but the first and most obvious symptom is jaundice. If the skin becomes jaundiced, then we know that there is most likely an issue with the Gall Bladder or liver. When the function of liver disturb and liver becomes out of order, or jaundice can specify an obstacle of the gall bladder.
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Jaundice is definitely one of the main liver disease symptoms and is a very dangerous sign of liver disease. If the skin becomes jaundiced then we get the hint that either there is a problem with the gall bladder or the liver. The skin will become yellow or even orange all depending on the type of jaundice one gets.

A person with jaundice will have yellow eyes in the white part of the eyes. When the liver stops breaking down old blood and stops converting it in to bile, a person gets jaundice. The liver basically has stopped functioning properly and a person's skin and nails all become yellow.

Jaundice can be caused by hepatitis or even severe infection but it is the doctor who will reveal what type of hepatitis a patient has got. This he will confirm by taking the patient's blood test and LFT test (liver functioning test).

There are 2 types of jaundice a person can have; Yang Jaundice and Yin Jaundice. In the former the patient will feel constipated, have palpitations, urine will become difficult and the person will not be able to eat or drink much. This kind of jaundice happens due to excess heat exposure.In the later type, the person becomes all yellow, will have fever, tiredness, loose stools and even swelling up and shortness of breath.
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Because liver diseases cause swelling of the liver and stop the normal flow of liver bile from the live to the small intestine.  The blocked bile enters ahe blood stream, is carried to the skin and produces a yellow color which is called "jaundice".  Jaundice is the French word for "yellow".

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