Are Daily Fevers, Chills, And Sweats Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis?


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This sounds very serious especially if all happening at one time . These can be symptoms or signs of having a stroke . When you say electric feelings, loss of sensations ETC, these are all and may be connected neurologically as well . I would talk with the doctor or doctors, that know most about your conditions, and see a neurologist as well to rule out some possible causes . He may put you through some EMG's or electrical nerve stim tests , ETC. If it gets any worse I would think about taking a trip to the ER . This may save your life> if in case this is a serious problem. GOOD LUCK , hope this helps . Take care of yourself :)
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you need to seen by a neurologist who is with other doctors for the same thing the more the better. (for disorders of nervous systems) I am 35 9 yrs ago out of no where I lost 1/2 my vision, had tingling in my finger tips and felt it move up my arm as it was getting numb. then I heard the phone ring, and i sat there and looked at it not knowing what it was. or what to do with it. that night my husband took me to u of m
I was in and out and vomit randomly. they gave me meds so good that during the MRI I woke up and thought I was in a casket and freaked. this part is important I have been on every anti what ever they have out there and nothing helped. until after 4 years they put me on effexor and i felt like I was 18 again I still had random ones but nothing like it was. I had to go off of it I ended up being a mommy again. yep that what happens when you start feeling normal. after he was born I went on cymbalta and that worked even better and so did a snip. to avoid a Brady bunch home,
but any way what you are having is the aura of a migraine but with out the pain. issues with sound,numbness all of it but the lights are the worst the force ones we changed all them in our home and it helped. I was also informed that having issues you and i both have is common with migraines only with out pain, like the other issues are better...also it could also a back(disk) or pinched nerve in your leg or butt go to a chirop,,,,and definitely go to ones that use the tool not twist u up, I am also dealing with chronic pain due to 4 disk and fibromyalgia that is killing me with the pain. so good luck and do your homework and second opt.
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Talk to your dr have them do a brain and cervical spine mri if you are having this many symptoms there should be at least one lesion that occurs on the mri which would help them diagnose you if it is ms or also a lumbar puncture could tell if it is ms also,good luck and take care
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All of your symptoms sound like MS(multiple sclerosis). My mother was diagnosed with it a few months ago. You should talk to a doctor and get tests done. You should get an MRI done.

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