What Would Cause The Tip Of Your Nose To Go Numb?


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Sinus infections,polyps,broke nose,pinch nerve,cancer.this is just a list of what could cause it.
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Monica Smith
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Before my nose started to go numb I had a really bad migraine for two days before that. Thanks Nomad!
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Sorry,but it can still be one of the above.let's just say i have a little personal experience with this.
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Well, first maybe your head is in the refrigerator too much, watch your diet. It could be from an injury maybe even slight. Perhaps you changed your sleeping position, but most likely it is a nerve problem. It should clear up, give it a few days if it doesn't see your Doctor.
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Serious question: Are you a cocaine user? Cocaine can rupture the capillaries in the nose, leading to poor circulation.
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Monica Smith
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No I am not. That is what a lot of people have asked me. I just stick to the green!! =)
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I have heard through the grapevine that our friend Mcrfan Snores, but I don't think she snorts.

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