Is Meningioma Hereditary?


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It can be. Genetics is one reason where Meningioma is considered as a likely cause, e.g. Neurofibromatosis. Other known causes are previous head injuries, some viral infections, etc. It is best to get detected as soon as there are symptoms. To know the exact cause, consult a good hospital. I would recommend the expert panel of doctors at Brigham and Woman’s Hospital. You will also get plenty of information on Meningioma at their website.
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Meningioma is a sporadic tumor. Multiple and familial cases are very rare and mostly associated with the hereditary neurofibromatosis. See the link below for more details:
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I'm sorry to hear that you have severe migraines with loss of vision in your left eye.  Unfortunately, these were the only symptoms I had when I found out I had a HUGE brain tumor.  I went to the eye doctor (I thought I needed glasses), and she thought my eyes were a bit strange.  She requested a CT scan and they found a mass in my brain.  The next day, the MRI confirmed it was a 7.5 cm x 4.8 cm meningioma and I had brain surgery the following week.  The neurosurgeon never understood how a tumor that big never caused seizures, weakness (one side of the body), and other symptoms. My tumor was atypical. Please, see another neurologist and request a CT scan or MRI.  Brain tumors are not something to play with.

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