What Causes Leg Cramps And How Can I Stop Them From Happening?


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There are many causes for leg cramps, one being most common is lack of circuation.  There is also lack of calcium in your diet which will cause your system to go to the greatest source to extract, which of course is the bones in your legs, as they contain the most calcium.  Good diet and excercise is best.  Sitting too long in one position will cause a lack of blood flow, walk around, get it flowing and you will notice a difference,  some offices insist that workers get up every hour in order to stretch their legs.  There are several reasons, but if these become problemsom, you may need special stocking to help.  Check with your doctor.  If the cramps are becoming dehabilitating, you may need a blood thinner such as coated aspirin
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Foods with potassium. Bananas, avocado, many fruits, pears, prunes, oranges, nectarines, kiwi, figs.... Lima beans, brussel sprouts, cooked spinach. Calcium rich foods are also good if you get leg cramps....dark green vegetables, tofu, almonds, and are more readily absorbed by the body as opposed to calcium from dairy products.  I used to get leg cramps often....drinking a lot of water also helped me.
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This is a syndrome which is now a medically recognised condition called restless legs, and if you get it regularly and have to flex or move your legs constantly, going to the cinema,
getting to sleep, or travelling long haul on a flight, can be a nightmare.
Doctors are still confused as to what causes it and so far it seems to be hereditary and can also be aggravated by diet.
Flour and sugary products, and an allergy to gluten are culprits.
Some people feel an improvement when taking magnesium, calcium and potassium supplements to aid sleep.
Eating bananas and nuts before bed or a milky drink can help.
Other people find that the only thing that works is a hot bath, somehow the temperature change seems to receive this annoying condition.
Rubbing or massage, if you can find someone willing to do this, can also help a lot.
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A leg cramp involves the contraction of muscles in the leg and it can be very painful. It is more common for older people to experience leg cramps, and the frequency of this problem also increases with age, but these involuntary muscle contractions can certainly happen to anyone.

There are a number of factors that can lead to leg cramps, including muscle fatigue, dehydration and very strenuous exercise. The best way to avoid this condition, especially in the case of young adults, is to always drink plenty of water, develop a good stretching routine before and after participating in any type of exercise, and avoid sudden bursts of physical activity after periods of inaction.

Once a leg cramp comes on, the best way to make it subside is to relax the muscles by massaging and carefully stretching them. Some people may also find that the application of warm water, or taking a hot bath, will also help ease muscle tension in the legs.
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I have been told that this condition could come as a result of
a pottasium dificiency...Try to eat pleanty bananas!
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Oddly enough, I just read in today's paper (in a Q & A section) a question about leg cramps. I shall quote directly from that:
Q. Let me share my remedy for leg cramps. I find that Tums give fast relief, better than a spoonful of yellow mustard.
A. You are not the only reader to report that calcium supplements such as Tums can help counter cramps.

The above comes from the Dallas Morning News - People's Pharmacy section.....

Another remedy I have recently heard of and is sworn to by my Mother-in-law, is putting a bar of soap under your sheets at night...any brand. Put the unwrapped bar at the foot of your bed. She swears by it.

Of course, you do know that eating bananas is a good cure also. I understand that leg cramps are actually a sign of low potassium and bananas are high in potassium.

Hope you get some relief!
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Lack of fluids and stretching before a work out
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I wasn't aware that any food could prevent them. Some people get more leg cramps than others. I thought it was just the way it was
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Low potassium levels could be the cause.  It happens a lot in women who are pregnant and they say to eat more potassium.  It seems to help.
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All medications have different side effects with different people. When I first started on B12 shots, had horrible leg pain and felt like arthritis, once considered stopping the shots. I stuck with it and I am glad as now, the side effects are gone and the benefits far outweigh the side effects that I had at first. Consult you doctor, he may consider another alternative, but then again, side effects may pass.  It took me a few months, but because I really needed it, toughed it out.  Mind you, if your symptoms worsen, it could mean that you are having a reaction to this.  Consult you pharmacist in regards to possible side effects.  Like I say, if it worsens you may have to change to an alternative

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