How Can I Communicate With My Child With Asperger's Syndrome?


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Children with Aspergers do not understand the nuances of language and take things literally. Therefore, avoid sayings such as "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" as the child with Aspergers will be concentrating on birds and bushes and will become confused.

Make sure your addresses to the child are clear and concise. Check meaning regularly as any small missed detail can confuse the child completely. If you want your child to make choices, then make them clear; offer two or three choices in an either/or situation. Make sure that you follow through any choices made to ensure continuity.

Many Aspergers children will dislike eye contact. Remember that this is not personal and do not force eye contact as it will make your child uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on the words spoken. If your child has communication difficulties, try using the PECs system for pictorial communication. Above all, read advice and listen to experts, but remember you know your child best and they will respond to what suits them the best.
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My brother is autistic so I know a lot about children with disabilities.
Children who have aspergers syndrome are very smart. They are frightened by eye contact so when trying to communicate with them do not face them directly in the eyes. When I talk to my brother I point to objects and ask him what he wants... He takes me and shows me the object, maybe try and learn sign language it sometimes helps you both to communicate better, never ever raise your voice at them as they will cry , throw a tantrum or cover there face with there hand.
Yours faithfully maria
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Karl Sagan , autism, answered

Autism is one of the mental illnesses that can have a bad effect on a child's life in the early years. After all, such children are different from others. But they are not worse! They are just as cute as other children. Over here you can read an article about this disease and also learn the stories of different people who live with it and they are happy!

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The basic difference between Asperger's syndrome and autism is that those with AS do not have speech difficulties, so an AS person does not need to utilize PECS.  

You can look into stories and read a book on IDIOMS and make a list of those that you hear of and then discuss with child.  I have reviewed a book of IDIOMS on my site and included a list of them that were not in the book.

You do not mention the age or sex of the AS child.  Is your child a teen and you want to discuss feelings and/or emotions?  The question is not specific enough for the best response.

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