What Is Your Life Expectancy With Untreated Testicular Cancer?


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It is understandable not to want treatment, AKA  a knife cutting into  your abdomen (where the y is to your groin)  then a  nice instrument is forced from that point down into your scrotum where they pick out the testicle and grab it  rip through your abdomen and  pulled out  from the abdominal area    yeah who wants that ?  I of course was  told I may have cancer and needed an ultrasound  after FIGHTING with the radiology dept they finally got a male tech to do my exam and  during the wait of the results I researched the  "treatment" options. I being FULLY informed  decided that I would NOT have the surgery.  Then got the results NO Cancer .....  Just a cyst and hydrocele....  Still have pain  so just as the doctors tell men  " be a man deal with it" so I am...
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Testicular cancer is about the most treatable of all cancers so I'm surprised to hear of anyone who would choose not to be treated.

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