What Is Tricamonus?


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Tricamonus is a sexually transmitted disease which is sometimes called "trich" (pronounced "trick"). It should be treated immediately to avoid transmission to others. Also, if you are female it can cause problems with pregnancy, so all the more reason to have it checked out as soon as possible.

It is the second most common STD in the USA.

Men and women can both get the disease, although it is more common in women than in men.

For men, the infection will develop either in the urethra or under the foreskin of an uncircumsized penis. When getting examined for trich, a doctor would have a look at the penis for any irregularities and also test a discharge from the urethra.

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Could give me a little detail on what type of sexual act does it take to transmit this disease
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If a man isn't bathing correctly, his partner has many yeast infections, he doesnt get treated for yeast,the guy is lightly circumcised, will this create trichomonas. Or is it directly from one body to another?

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