What Happens When You Get A Severe Leg Cramp?


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Leg cramps are a painful, involuntary contraction of a single muscle or a group of muscles.
Leg cramps generally occur in the calf, hamstring and quadriceps muscles or the Achilles tendon. The duration of a cramp varies.Leg cramps are characterized by severe leg pain, muscle tenderness, and the inability to move the leg for the duration of the cramp.

Some of the factors leading to leg cramps are muscle fatigue due to overexertion; rigorous exercises; excessive weight; electrolyte, hormonal or fluid imbalances; side effects of certain medicines such as diuretics; an unusual or a different exercise than what is done normally; diminished blood supply to the lower extremities; nerve abnormalities; and nerve and muscle diseases.

Dehydration is a frequent cause of legs cramps so it is very important to drink plenty of water before, during, and after a workout. Potassium- and calcium-rich foods (or supplements) will help prevent legs cramps. Or try a pinch of salt under your tongue, to provide sodium.
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You can get cramp in all skeletal muscles of the body – cramp is an unwanted, Involuntary contraction of the muscle, Causing it to lock into position. It is difficult to adjust position so that the cramp goes away and the locked muscle is tight and painful.

Severe leg cramps are one of the most common forms of cramp and can occur at any age. They are common in young people who are exercising a lot and whose growth rate is high but they also occur with increasing frequency in older people. Many people over 50 are troubled with cramps and it can become a very painful and troublesome problem in the elderly.

The pain of a leg cramp is intense and, If it happens at night, It has you jumping out of bed, Desperate to ease the locked muscle. Even when the cramp has gone, which usually happens within a minute or two, the muscle can remain sore for some time afterwards.
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Well sometime it can't happen when you go to sleep it mostly happens when you feet are cold
you can struggel fo a minute but if you put your leg down it can go away and maybe come back
if your nevous frustrate or stressed out it can be closer from getting a cramp
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It hurts ;)

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