How Do You Get Lupus?


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Firstly, Lupus is not contagious and it is important to note that there are three types of the condition including Systematic Lupus Erythematosus which can affect the heart, lungs, kidneys and brain, Discoid Lupus which mainly affects the skin causing a rash and finally, Drug-induced Lupus which may disappear after completing a course of medication.

There is no specific known cause for the disease as it is very complicated in its variations among people. It is an autoimmune disease and there are suggestions that imply it may be hereditary. This disease is more common in women but anyone can get it. It is known also that it is more common in women from African-American and Hispanic backgrounds.

The symptoms associated with the condition are so widespread that even diagnosing it can be problematic. Diagnosis of Lupus includes medical history, complete physical exam, blood and urine testing as well as a skin and/or kidney biopsy. The symptoms mostly associated with this are a red rash or swelling on the skin, swollen glands, extreme fatigue, hair loss, chest pains, sore joints, fevers, low blood counts, mouth sores and depression.

When symptoms being to appear, it is called flare. There is no actual cure for lupus at the moment but a flare can be prevented through a variety of techniques. These are learning to recognize that a flare is coming, limiting time spent in the sun, exercise when possible, develop stress coping skills and developing a support system around you with friends and family.

Treatment for Lupus depends on the person and the symptoms they get. As there is no cure for the disease as a whole, any medication may only be specified to relieve certain symptoms.
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Lupus is not contagious. It is believed that it cannot be transmitted sexually.
It can be hereditory up til 10%. But mainly there are environment factors that play vital role. It's actual cause is still to be discovered.
Common symptoms are:
Unexplained fever
Extreme fatigue
Painful or swollen joints
Red rash or color change on the face
Chest pain upon deep breathing
Unusual hair loss
Pale or purple fingers or toes from cold or stress
Sensitivity to the sun
Swelling (edema) in legs or around eyes, etc.
Swollen glands
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I have been told I have arthritis, asthma, copd, I have a skin rash on my face, between my eyes on my forehead and across & down my cheeks my neck under my ears have discolored. My hair is thinning and I have edema of both legs at times, there are times my face is swollen. I get sores in my mouth and my glands are usually swollen. I have chest pain mostly when my asthma is bad. Should I be tested for Lupus?
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Scientists don't really know what causes lupus. Genetics seems to play a big part, but it could be a combination of genetics, environment, great stress, infections, and drugs (medications). No one knows for certain.
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The Systemic lupus erythematosus or sle disease causes the immune system of the human body to attack body cells and tissue so it is very dangerous.Its actual cause is still unknown although genetics do play a part in getting it.It is not known to be std.
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The technical description for lupus is that it is a chronic inflammatory disease with an underlying autoimmune cause. This means that an affected person, for some reason, starts making antibodies that recognised a particular shape of molecule – an antigen – that is present on the surface of their own body cells.

When the antibodies attach to the antigens, a reaction occurs that damages the cell membranes of the body cells, causing damage and then a response of inflammation. Wherever these antibody antigen reactions occur, then the body will experience problems. A common form of lupus, discoid lupus, occurs when antibodies start to attack the skin and no other organs. Unfortunately, although the disease may be limited to the skin at the start, about 10% of people with discoid lupus do go on to develop the more widespread disease where internal organs of the body are also attacked.

The body might produce antibodies to itself for different reasons – a bacteria or a virus may have an antigen that is exactly the same shape as something in the body. A drug might cause the body to react this way. But, often, there is no apparent cause and a lot more research is needed.
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I don't no but I got a rash on my face to and my hair is dropping and going thinner I don't no if its sumfink bad or if its a normal rash
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Person may get lipus through poor eating habit,irregular bowel movement and lack of exercise.
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Lupus is an autoimmune disorder in which antibodies mistakenly identify the bodies tissues as foreign substances and attack them , causing inflammation and pain.
The causes of lupus are UNKNOWN But there are suspects ;
Allergic reactions to Meds. Or vaccines . Viruses .Types of bacteria. Extreme stress ( Emotional & physical )& Food allergies are some of the factors.

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