I Think I Have Lupus. How Can I Tell?


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A friend of mine has it and you can't tell he does unless he tells you, so your best bet is to see a doctor. Here is some info on it en.wikipedia.org
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Could I have gotten lupus from living in the acreage of south Florida? I lived there for 7 years I used to drink the water also cook with it and make ice cubes.
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Hello Edensfate, Well If you suspect you have lupus you should go see your doctor definitely. People with Lupus have different symptoms some can be severe and some moderate.  Some people with Lupus have symptoms that come and go within a period of time. Most common symptoms of Lupus are painful and swollen joints, unexplained fever, and fatigue.  Sometimes you get a red skin rash across your nose and cheeks. Its called a butterfly or a molar rash. You can also get rashes on your face, ears, upper arms,shoulders, chest and hands. And those skin rashes often worsen with exposure to the sun. Hope this helps.  Good Luck and Take Care

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