What Is Acute Tonsillitis?


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Acute Tonsillitis can be an extremely nasty illness where symptoms include a really bad sore throat, you could experience difficulty when swallowing, a really high temperature could occur, and your glands can swell up leaving you feeling really under the weather. Although this is a nasty illness, the symptoms are usually cleared up really quickly through penicillin, especially if you catch the illness early on.

Many people choose to have their tonsils removed, especially if they suffer from Acute Tonsillitis. However, the tonsils do tend to play an important role in the body, as they stop infections from getting in, and they act as a protective barrier against many germs in the mouth. If you do suffer from Acute Tonsillitis more than six times a year however, then it is probably better to have them removed, but any less than that, you should really think twice and just stick to Penicillin to clear up the infection.
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I had my tonsils out four years ago and went to doctor with sore throat etc he said i had tonsilitus i said i cant i had them out he said there is a little bit there that is infected with white spots and very rare it flares up but it did with me and now on my 2nd week off work!!

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