What Are The Final Stages Of Breast Cancer?


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There are a number of stages of breast cancer and by the time you are in the final stages it is very likely that the cancer will have spread to other organs. As soon as you find a lump you should go to the doctors and find out if it is cancer of maybe an infected cell. The final stages will be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Once it has been confirmed as cancer you will be able to find out what the stages are and how you will know if you have moved from one stage to another. In stage one the lump will still be small and not really bigger than 2cm across. There will be no cancer in the lymph nodes and it will not have spread to other areas.

Stage two is split into two sections and this will depend on both the size of the tumor and also whether or not it is in the lymph nodes or has spread anywhere else.

2A - tumor is still less than 2cm and the lymph nodes may have signs of cancer but are not locked together. Nowhere else in the body has been affected. The breast may also be clear but if the nodes are affected it will be still classed as stage 2A.

2B - the tumor is smaller than 5cm and it may have spread to the lymph nodes or it has grown bigger than 5cm but the lymph nodes are clear and the cancer has not gone to other organs.

Stage three has three stages.

3A - this is when the cancer has not spread but there is a tumor either in the breast or nodes. The tumor could have grown to 5cm

3B - The tumor is attached to the skin and it may be that the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes.

3C -The tumor is growing and it has clearly spread to the surrounding area such as lymph nodes, armpit or collar bone but nowhere else.

In stage 4 the cancer has spread throughout the body and most medical intervention will be needed at this time.
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Breast cancer is a disease that can be controlled and cured but only up to a certain stage. The final stage of Breast cancer is stage IV. In this stage the cancer has spread past the breast and the lymph nodes. It required immediate Chemotheraphy and hormonal therapy to keep it under control. You can know more about the last stages of breast cancer and its symptoms at the link below:,10,Radiation top 10

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