What Is The Time Period Of Breast Cancer To Reach From First Stage To Final Stage?


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If the cancer has been caught in the first stage, there is a good chance that it won't reach the final stage.
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Great question. No one will give a straight answer because of the multiple variables. If caught early it is highly treatable, if it is not caught until Stage 4, when the cancer has spread and the pain becomes intollirible, the time left is much shorter.
To effectively fight cancer you need faith and hope. Once at stage 4 the faith part becomes dominant as you are dealing with a non-curable situation. Quality of life becomes important and that is gauged by the individual and the continued loss of the ability to enjoy it.
A Doctor may say that there is a 20 0/0 chance of living 3 to 5 years,  if it were a rain forecast you wouldn't take an umbrella, but that is statistical mathematics not life.
I too would like to know how long it would take breast cancer to go from inception/stage 1 through death at the end of stage 4. With all the different markers set out in a neat time line, I could look back with 20/20 hindsight  and better understand were my world spun off it's axis. Just not going to happen and we will live with ambiguity and hope and faith
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There is not real time from the beginning to the end it all depends on the person and what they are doing to make sure that they are getting treated properly, eating properly, and continuing to go to the doctors when scheduled. The most important thing to do is to find what higher power that you believe in, that will become the time limit. You have to find the soothing things in life. No man can put a real or complete time on you life. It is all up to you. Good Luck

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