I Have Pain In My Left Arm That Radiates From My Shoulders To Fingers Should I Be Concerned?


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Lots and lots of things. You are not going to get a decent diagnosis online. I strongly advise that the sufferer see a doctor if this is a chronic problem, else if it has come on suddenly then probably (PROBABLY) just keep an eye on it. The big exception to that is if the pain is accompanied by shortness of breath or chest pains. Those combined symptoms can suggest an imminent heart attack, and immediate contact with health professionals is advised (phone NHS direct, 0845-4647).

A partial list of other possibilities for the arm pain:

Pinched nerve in any arm joint, especially shoulder.

Broken bone(s)

Repetitive strain injury. RSI is an umbrella term to describe a lot of other conditions, too many to list in detail, but all related to over-use of the arm or hand.

Partial dislocation of the shoulder (or another joint)

Muscle fatigue (from ordinary exercise), strain or damage.

Ligament damage (a sprain) in any joint of the arm.

Allergic reactions (something the skin of the arm was exposed to).

Congenital deformity.
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Although you seem a little young for a heart attack, it's always possible. You should make an appointment with a doctor ASAP.
A lot of things can cause that same pain: Muscle fatigue, arthritis, muscle tears, small problems with your heart....either way, take a baby aspirin and go to the E.R.
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I have to agree with Tyler... Get it checked out! You are too young to be having a heart attack... But a congenital heart problem, valve issue, constricted vascular blood flow etc. All can happen to anyone of any age. As it is your left arm AND you get chest pains, you need to get it checked. You may not need to go to the ER, but make an appointment with your doctor at the very least, and the aspirin is not going to hurt and may prevent exascerbating any existing issue.
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I just  got back from the  doctor with the same concern I'm 27 weeks pregnant doctor says its normal that I will swell up and the vein would be cut off from circulation.....only thing is though I haven't swelled up in any way but he insists its normal guess we'l wait and see it just hurts a lot especially while driving or sitting on the couch my arm is useless
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AM an 40year old worm an I having pain in left arm. I want to the doctor I get pills to take  still have pain put.icy hot on it get worse  please help me

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