What Does It Mean If I Have Chest Pain And My Left Arm Is Tingling?


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There could various reasons as to why you have chest pains and a tingling, possibly numb arm. It's not mentioned here if there are any other symptoms such as pain going up the neck and into the jaw and if they happen by day or night, or under what circumstances. As such, it would be difficult to make an accurate hypothesis as to what is actually going on. However, with symptoms like these most people would, quite naturally, fear a heart attack or similar condition amounting to heart problems, like angina for instance, and ultimately heart failure. It's worth mentioning here that heart attacks rarely actually start with chest pain, although chest pain is often regarded as symptomatic of most heart problems. Having said that, this symptom can sometimes also be caused by anxiety and stress. Another instance regarding the numbness and tingling in the arm could also be due to a variety of things, apart from the more obvious associations with heart problems, such as a trapped nerve (possibly caused by lying or sleeping awkwardly), poor circulation, a general lack of movement or even vitamin deficiency. The collective symptoms for heart problems and heart attacks and heart failure differ from person to person, a bit like fingerprints where rarely there are two sets of symptoms, although being very similar, are exactly alike. What you have described here warrants a professional examination. This is where the old adage of 'if in doubt, if worried, if symptoms persist then consult your doctor' comes in. Nothing like this should be left without being investigated further, and for peace of mind and a calmed heart, a trip down to the doctor's surgery or the A&E is what this person would prescribe.
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You have not mentioned that on which side of chest you have pain?right or left. If you are having left side chest pain and that pain radiates towards left arm and wrist and pain in neck and jaw, then it can be angina. That is an alarm of heart attack. If so, immediately contact an cardiologist.
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You did not describe your pain. Heartattack rarely start with Pain. However this is nothing to play with because nothing happens to everyone the same way. Heart problems can be burning in your chest moving into the neck. It can be a tightness or squeezing feeling in your chest. Usually it is just slightly to the left side. The pain radiating to the arm or numbness can also be symptoms of heart problems, but accasionally it can point to a vitimin deficiency. That along with the tingling. Either way time is of the utmost important. Get to a Doctor now!
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Well it sounds like symptoms of a heart attack , though I don't know your age .  To be safe don't wait go get checked out now  - For real
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Maybe it anxiety I have the same pain all the time and that what my doctor told me it makes my life hell go back and speak to your doctor good luck
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What does it mean if I have pain in my upper right side to the middle part of my chest?
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Most people say its from stress, I have the same problem but my pain tends to stay in my back and its killer. I stress but usually because it hurts.
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I have the same thing but don't want to go to the e.r. For nothing so should I wait to see what happends? Or if I wait is go to be to late?

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