Do You Think If You Commit Suicide You Are Brave Or Your A Coward?


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Commit suicide. To take your own life. Hmmmm....Cowardice or sheer desperation. Many commit suicide because of an emotional pain. Loss of a loved one, financial ruin, self pity. Few, very few, commit suicide rather than live out their life with what they consider unrepentive sin forced upon them. I remind myself of this, if my step-grandfather decided to live thru Auschwitz, I can make it thru anything.
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It depends on why you do it.  If you do it to get out of trouble, you're a coward.  If you do it to save someone else or some valuable information, and not just because you want to die, then you're brave.
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If you give your life for someone else you are truly brave but if you take your own life because you feel life is to difficult, than you are a coward because like many of us just think there is always tomorrow and a change could be at hand because life is what you make it.....Best to you and hope this helps you in some way......
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I think that if you decide to commit suicide, you are neither brave nor a coward. For someone to want to take their own life, they would have to be experiencing a serious amount of personal anguish. And the sad thing is that sometimes to the person that is hurting, things "seem" alot worse then they really are. Thoughts and fears and deception whirls inside of their head making them incapable of thinking coherently at the moment. So, in this light, I could not call someone a coward for trying to end their pain nor could I say it is brave. It is simply a lie their own mind is telling them. And to those of you who who think or have said that suicide is "selfish", I would suggest you go and check yourself. Because you need to stop being selfish yourself and understand how some people suffer and the help that they need. I don't think that a person in this condition should be blamed for this condition.

When you are depressed, it is much like the world of a 3 year old. You can neither remember feeling better nor imagine that you will feel better. Depression can be debilitating and paralyzing. These people need help, compassion and a real understanding of what is going on in "their" world, not to put blame on or to be judged.
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I don't feel that there is anything brave about taking your life, but I do feel that most people who commit suicide have done so because of some sort of mental breakdown.
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Thats a good question because I think both. Someone must be pretty brave to be able to take there own life because I have wanted to do it many times and can never go threw with it because I'm afraid of the pain. I guess It could mean they are a coward too because there taking the easy way out instead of facing there problems. :( :'(
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People Usually Commit Suicide because they have no courage to face the up's and down's of the life. A Brave Person will have self confidence to face any face of life.

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