What Is A Distended Gall Bladder And How Is It Fixed?


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Distended gallbladder refers to the abnormal growth in the size of the gallbladder. This condition is usually due to the malfunctioning of the organ, and its swelling due to internal pressure. Distended gallbladder is prone to other problems, like inflammation and gallbladder stones. There are medications for this problems, but sometimes surgery is the ultimate solution.
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I just got mine taken out 3 weeks ago. I had stones for years and it finally started hurting me bad. I'm 45. The doctor said it was all blocked up and distended, and he was surprised I was walking around like that so long,never mind working and what not. I feel like a new man now that it;s gone. Almost as soon as I woke from the surgery from the surgery I felt better without it.

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