Is Nine Years Old To Young For Gall Bladder Problems?


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Get a second opinion be more pushy don't be afraid this is your child's health in question I totally understand where you are coming from as I too have had mine removed right at the last minute I had 6 months in and out of hospital in agony I was yellow all over even my urine was orange and they had a big job trying to direct my gallbladder away from my liver the consultant was shocked at the state of it,but yet I only got my op last minute emergency thanks to my mum totally putting her foot down she had the op ,my gran,greatgran,uncle,auntie need I go on my mum was 2 month in hospital with hers along time ago and had the big op I know your daughter is young but be a downright pain to them until they listen good luck let me know how you get on
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Hey there. I am seventeen years old and I just had my gall bladder removed yesterday morning. I completely understand what you are saying because my doctor said at first that there was no way it was my gall bladder, it didn't even sound like the right symptoms. But it turns out I had a gall stone that was 1.5 cm large. I believe that you should try and take your little girl to a different doctor. Fill them in on your family history. And get them to check out where is is having pain. Because if you know that the rest of your family has been through that same pain that she is going through, then you are more than likely right. Some doctors believe that they ALWAYS need to be right. But in my case as well, my mom had to tell my doctor that my symptoms were the same ones she had. And then my doctor checked the area, pushed up on the gallbladder while I was laying down, and sent me for an ultra sound. Do what ever it takes to make your little girl feel better. I know what it feels like to go through the pain of the gallbladder attacks, I would hate to see someone at that age experience it too.

- Jessica.
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Try taking her to a specialist.  I know gallbladder problems can start at a young age, but 9 years old is quite young.  However, if this is a common problem in the extended family, I would do anything to make sure they check out her gallbladder.  Only you can advocate for your daughter.  
My family also has a problem with young females having gallbladder disease.  I was the youngest, at age 21, to have my gallbladder removed.  I still remember the pain I went through.  You can't take no for an answer.  I'm sure you'll find someone who will check her gallbladder.    I hope your daughter gets the care she needs, and that she's feeling better very soon.  Good luck.   
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Yes, it is too young, but it is possible, and with your family history, it is very likely. Do as suggested and be your child's advocate, keep going to dr.s until you get the correct answer.

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