Is It Bad To Smoke Weed After Having My Gall Bladder Removed?


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No! Its really good to do, not just for the pain
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Smoking during the healing process of any product (tobacco or weed) after surgery is a hindrance to healing. You may ask your surgeon and he will advice against smoking - period.
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Ask your surgeon please, don’t look for advices like these online, you can do harm to yourself. I was prescribed to vape weed via Yocan Evolve D Plus during some period to cope with my chronic pains, cbd had no side effects for me in my case.

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I would recommend switching to CBD than blazing. There are too many different impurities in weed that can affect the body and no one knows how. So CBD is a pretty useful supplement. Moreover, it supports both physical and mental health. Now everything can be ordered online. For example, I order Blessed CBD oil and cream.

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Usually, people experience pain and discomfort after surgery. And if we are talking about smoking medical marijuana, I think, it might help as it is known to be great for pain relief. I personally find Gold Bee CBD products to be good for my migraines and insomnia.

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More and more tests have shown that weed is a lot more dangerous than people thought, and will get into your blood stream causing possible complications
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Its bad to smoke weed period!
In this day and age, you never know what your actually smoking!
Be safe, play a sport! And save your money, were in a recession!
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If you already had your gallbladder removed, I would advice you to not smoke weed. Weed can cause an increase in your heart rate, distort your vision and even memory loss and cancer. Keep away from it.

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