If The Gall Bladder Produces Bile, What Happens When The Gall Bladder Is Removed?


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The gall bladder does not produce bile, the liver does. The gall bladder stores the bile, which is released in response to eating fatty foods. If the gall bladder is not there to store and concentrate the bile,it is released into the small intestines when it is produced by the liver.  This happens all the time in small amounts. Because it is released all the time in small amounts it may not be sufficient  to break down fat in a very fatty meal,this may result in bloating and diarrhea.
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I'm no expert, but digestion is affected. The bile from the gallbladder helps to breakdown certain foods. When that is removed, you may get some heartburn, bloating, etc. I have noticed that people who have had the GB removed for reason of stones, have an increased number of problems with kidney stones. I'm not a doctor and cannot say for certainty that this is Gospel truth, but I see it enough for me to think there is a correlation.
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Is the liver affected in any way? Dont suffer from heart burn, not sure about bloating as i get that but only now & again & it could be down 2 other things.

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