What Does Slug Mean When Found In Your Gall Bladder?


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A 'slug' is any unit of mass inside the gallbladder. This mass unit could be anything from a cancerous or non-cancerous growth to a stone that requires imminent removal. To properly understand what a slug is and how you need to approach/treat it, though, it's vitally important to first of all undergo an ultrasound scan, as ordered by the doctor assigned to overseeing your treatment.

Detailed ultrasound scans on the gallbladder allow doctors to analyze what the unit of mass actually is, using the size and shape shown on the screen to help identify the object and track down the cause behind its presence. The gallbladder is effectively just a sac in the body that's used to store and concentrate bile that's produced in the liver, so any solid mass is likely to be a gallstone or unwanted sludge build-up, but could possibly be something more or less serious.

If the problem causing the slug is related to gallstones, it's likely that keyhole surgery will be required to remove the cause of the mass from within. Likewise, surgery may be needed to rectify a sludge build-up, although this can be rectified earlier on in its development by controlling one's diet in accordance with medical advice given by your health practitioner.

With any gallbladder slug, there are some common symptoms to look out for and be alert yourself of in order to avoid the need for surgery and limit any potential damage to your health. One of the main symptoms of a slug is abdominal pain and nausea, whilst acid reflux after eating fatty foods may also present itself in the case of gallstones. If not treated early enough, gallstones may lead to a bacterial infection of the bladder and/or severe inflammation of the gallbladder, causing jaundice and related skin discoloration as well as the basic symptoms listed previously.

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I had an endoscopy's done to check my gall bladder and they found slug was there and not stones and I should get the gall bladder removed. I also had an ultrasound done and that showed the slug also was there, that's why I needed the endoscopy done. Should I get the gall bladder removed?
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I have had all the test possible related to my gall
bladdar the only thing they could tell me is that I had slug in my gall
bladdar most of my pain can be right sided
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Slug means unit of mass. Slug in gall bladder means you are having a mass in your gall bladder. This mass can be of dead cells or can be cancerous or non cancerous. It also can be stone. Go for further evaluation before conclusion like ultrasound or CT or cholecystography.
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I need a second opinion? I just got out of the hospital, Dr. Found slug in my gall bladder with the ultrasound, had an endoscopy and all they found was reddness and irriatation. I have been dealin with this same thing for over 15 years, I have had every test the hospital can give me and still they can't figure out what is really the cause of the pain and vomiting. Out of the 15 years this is the first time they found slug, but they say that it is not my gall bladder, this is something that runs in my family.  I am really tired of going through this pain and not knowing what is causing this.....  HELP

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