What To Do For Gall Bladder Attack?


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Gall bladder attach can be very serious, may be infection, you may need medication, see your doctor. If severe, may be murphy's sydrome  go to local emergency if pain unbereable, you may need surgery
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Mary Jane answered
My mother would make herself throw up, then she would feel relief.  Gradually, it got worse and finally had to have stones taken out.  She was 68 at that time.  Her attacks would come on after she would eat anything  fatty or greasy, but she would not completely give it up.  Whipping cream was really bad on her.  But, as the first answerer stated, it can be very serious and so painful, you'd wish you were dead.  Try to get it corrected and watch your diet .... After seeing your doctor or a specialist.

A little addition ..... My mother had to have another gallbladder operation at the age of 92 .... Another stone got lodged in a duct.

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