Does Caffeine Cause Problems With Circulation, Bone Pain Or Numbness?


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Excessive consumption of caffeine has been linked to causing problems with circulation and bone pain. Drinking excessive amounts has also been linked to causing numbness in the hands.
Drinking too many caffeinated drinks should be avoided as they can cause the blood vessel walls to constrict. This may lead to problems with circulation such as cold hands and feet, which can then lead to feelings of numbness. If you suffer from these types of symptoms on a more regular basis it is advisable to see your doctor as you may have a specific condition such as Raynaud’s disease.
Too much caffeine can also lead to putting added pressure on the joints and this explains why some people complain of having pain in their bones after drinking large amounts of energy drinks or coffee for example. There are also some reports such as one carried out by Arthritis Today, that claim too much caffeine can weaken bones and may lead to conditions such as osteoporosis. Although other medical reports claim they need significantly more research into this matter carried out before a direct link can be confirmed between excessive caffeine consumption and bone loss.

Other problems associated with drinking too much coffee or caffeinated, energy drinks include irritability, headaches, stomach upset, rapid or irregular heartbeat and insomnia. There are also suggestions that caffeine can aggravate conditions such as Restless Leg Syndrome or pain in the chest cavity.
On the other hand, an article on WebMD claims that those who drink a few cups of coffee a day may actually benefit from some health perks. For example, they may have less risk of developed Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease or Dementia. Although, the article does admit these benefits have not necessarily been medically proven and still need some research to be carried out to back up the claims
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I'm glad to find that I'm not the only with this problem. On days that I drink coffee, I get an aching pain in my upper leg bone that makes it painful to walk. When I go off coffee for a while, the pain goes away, but when I start drinking coffee again, the leg pain comes back.  I have finally decided it's not worth it anymore and have stopped drinking coffee for good. I agree, it is crazy that my body reacts to coffee this way, but some people can drink coffee everyday for years and not be bothered by it (at least it seems that way).
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I'm finding out that caffeine (especially in coffee) makes my bones and muscles ache. It's a lot more severe after strenuous activity. This has been happening for about a year now and I've finally made the connection I think.
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I recently quit drinking caffeine and went through horrific withdrawal symptoms. I felt like I had the flu. I am on day 5 and still MILDLY feeling effects from withdrawal.

I decided to quit because I felt achy, stiff, and irritable, especially at night. And yes, I felt as if my bones ached.

I have already started to notice that I am not as stiff at night, and my persistent backache is starting to diminish.
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I think it does, when I drink just a few (2cups per day) I hurt all over, joint bone and teeth hurt and my feet feel like I'm walking on glass when I get up in the morning I feel immobilized it's so weird and then theres people that can have a whole pot and it doesnt bother them. Strange, huh???

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