I Feel To Tired Always ,and My Legs Feel Pain. Do You Think Is Because Of Bad Circulation?


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You r not tell your age .first you sleep good it will help you to all about your bad circulation
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I wouldn't think it's due to bad circulation. Have you been doing a lot of work laterly? Constantly doing something. Are you having trouble sleeping? You could have underactive Thyroid, which is where you lack energy and are always tired during the day. There are somethings you can do to help this. If you drink a lot of caffine (coffee, tea, coke) cut down. As for sleep make sure you get at least 7 hours, even if so going to bed earlier. As for the pain in your legs, it might be to do with the mussles, which will realate to the tiredness. Before you go to bed have a hot bath and rest your legs for a while, this should ease the mussles in your legs a bit more. I do hope that this helps.

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