If You Have Hepatitis C And You Let It Go Untreated What Would Happen?


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If left untreated it increases your chances of liver cancer and scarring of the liver. However there are a few medicines that can help for example. Interferon. Some people respond and others don't. It really depends on what geno type you have. A biopsy will determine your type as well as the stage that you are in and if there is any scarring.There are researches going on, find out who and where this is offered.
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I don't know but you raise an interesting question and I would love to see someone who is educated enough to share their answer. I know someone with it as well and doesn't seem gung - ho about getting treated.

Good question thanks again.

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And this person drinks almost everyday and takes pain killers as well (for an accident he was in) and if hepatitis affects the liver (right?) wont drinking and drugging make it worse if you have hep?
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I believe that drinking makes it worst yes
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But I do know that drinking and eating organ meat (hearts, liver, gissers) are all bad for your liver. My husband was diagnosised with a rare strain of Hep C, but treatable. Shots once a week, 9 pills a day. Dr said no stress, no drinking, no organ meat. They will not medicate you if you are drinking. Liver needs time to heal and can be healed.

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