I Have Red Bumps On My Genitals And There Not Blisters. They Have Been There For A Few Days, Is It Herpes?


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Amanda Marie answered
Well, does it hurt? If it doesn't, {[or does only a little]} --it probably isn't herpes, its probably an ingrown hair follicle. Does it look kind of like a pimple? Its an ingrown hair. OR, if your having sex.. There is no way to be 100% sure, and with aids/HIV rising now-a-days, there is no time to play around. Make sure and get checked out by a doctor.{[gynecologist]} -she should be able to help. :] if it is {[which it probably isn't, come on - be optimistic!]}, at least you have a chance of catching it soon and treating it. Maybe even curing it. Forever! :D good luck.
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It could be a sign of herpes go to the doctor and check it out before you have sexual intercourse again it is for your on good

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