How Can You Tell If You Have A Small Case Of Herpes On Your Lips?


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There is no such thing as a "small case of herpes" If you have herpes its a virus and is in your system. If you think you have been exposed to herpes you need to go to the doctor and get tested. Its a simple serological blood test that requires only a small amount of blood. If you only have small red bumps on your mouth its probably not herpes, but for your health and the health of those you love... Get tested by a doctor. Even if the bumps are not contagious, you still need to seek medical attention to clear them up. Good luck.
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I don't think it sounds like cold sores... Of course, I have never heard of "heat bumps" on the lips, either.  Either way, it's not something that you would need to be worried about.  Cold sores do go away, so they're just unsightly and uncomfortable for a brief period of time.  A cold sore is a small blister, so that is what you would need to look for.
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Out of no where I have these small bumps on my lower lip its sorta dark and like 4-5 tiny ones on my upper lip now, it feels weird, can it be ring worm on the outter lip ? And if so I've been putting a lip cream for sores on it, is that okay. You can even see these bumps unless I'm under the ligth etc. What is it and how can it go away ??

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