How Many People Get Lung Cancer?


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This is the most common cancer in the world. Every year 1.3 million people get diagnosed with lung cancer. In the United Kingdom, it is the second most general form of cancer having been superceded by breast cancer, which can also be related to smoking. 1 out of 7 new cases of cancer in the U.K. Are of lung cancer. 37,700 new patients annually suffer from lung cancer. About 40,000 people die annually in the U.K. From lung cancer.     There have been significant changes in the demographics of lung cancer patients and this is attributed to changing habits and lifestyle. In the 1950s the male/female ratio of lung cancer patients was 6:1, the ratio presently is 3:2 (22,500 male cases and 15,200 female cases in 2002). There has been a decline amongst lung cancer patients, but this has been due to a reduction in male smokers. In men it accounts for 16% of all cancer cases reported second only to prostrate, and in women 11% after only breast and bowel cancer.

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